Popular Scenic Solutions

Almost everyday we have people asking us for ideas for their yards. Sometimes people want simple, cost effective changes, but other people want large undertakings. Ultimately it’s your yard, and YOU have to be happy with it. At Rock Solid, we are passionate about landscaping, and about turning your yard into an amazing space, and so here are some of the most popular landscape solutions right now.

While there are endless possibilities for yard design, we would encourage you to consider adding paving stones and rock retaining walls to your landscape plan.

The look of professionally installed paving stones is unbeatable, and unlike concrete driveways, walkways or patios, pavers rarely crack. Paving stones also come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, so your options are endless, and you can customize your own look, one that is suited for your needs. Studies show that the addition of paving stones can be a strong selling feature, and with the longevity and ability to repair easily, it gives you a distinguished look that lasts.

Rock retaining walls that have been professionally installed, are a real eye catcher.  Whether long creative curves, or clean straight lines, the look of stone walls is elegant, and very hard to beat. Rock is also very durable, and will hold up to our sometimes harsh Saskatchewan weather. Solid walls, semi-solid walls, free standing or retaining, stone adds a distinguished look to any landscape. Whether retaining your yard, plant material, or freestanding walls, the elegance and rustic appeal creates a modern look in any yard.

Brick retainers around trees are also a great way to clean up areas of needles, or unwanted lawn area.